The Demographic Transition Model:

The DTM is probably the most important aspect of this unit.

Factors affecting birth rates and death rates:

Before looking at the DTM it is essential that you understand the factors that cause changes in the birth and death rate within a country.

Read through this power point presentation and make sure you understand what it is saying.

Task: You are to use the slides above and this link to create a table that summarises the factors affecting birth and death rates.

This presentation simplifies the information and would be ideal to help you revise.

South Sudan: 'One of the most dangerous places to give birth'

South Sudan is one of the most dangerous nations on earth to give birth, according to a report from the charity Save the Children.

Around the world every year, one million babies die within the first 24 hours of life, and in South Sudan around 5,000 babies die within hours of birth - one of the worst rates in the world.

Exam Style Question:

Pop growth exam Q.PNG

Understanding the Demograhic Transition Model

The link between Crude Birth Rate and Development can be clearly seen in the graph below. Click on it to watch the animation.

BR against HDI Gap Graph.PNG

Factors Affecting Birth Rate:

Mean Years in School v BR Gap Graph.PNG

Here is a good summary from Cool Geography of the factors affecting Birth Rate with a drag and drop exercise at the end of it.